Running a survey under sea water is much costly for any offshore company. So, the offshore companies always look for a discounted offer or low cost rent offer for acquiring the marine scientific equipments and oceanographic survey equipments like Sonar winch, umbilical winch, ROV camera and lights, CTD winch and many more equipments. The survey work will be much smoother than the previous throughout the rental oceanographic equipments in suitable and running status.

Valuable Marine scientific equipment

For a safe and secured and successful survey, numerous marine scientific equipments are used.


Bathythermograph (BT) or Bucket and Reversing Thermometer (for Nansen bottle) are used for measurement of temperature. The Hydrometer set or Knudsen (Chemical Test Kit) or Salino meter are used for salinity under sea water.

The Dissolved Oxygen Probe Winkler or Titration (Chemical Test Kit) is used for measurement of volume of Oxygen under sea water. The Secchi Disk along with Forel/Ule Scales is used for measurement of color and visibility. The pH meter or pH test strips or Chemical Test Kits are used for pH measurement. Several chemical tests are conducted for measurement of components of water like Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Copper, Nitrogen, Lead, Manganese and Phosphates, etc. The Sounder (lead line), Fathometer and many Surveying Equipments are properly utilized for measurement of Depth & Profile. For measurement of currents, Different current meter, dye, Drift Cards, drift bottles and drogues are used for measurement of current under sea water.

Marin Scientific equipments for survey work

Throughout the above significant marine scientific equipments the survey work becomes easier and secured. All the sensitive supporting works will be conducted in a safe and secured manner through the above scientific equipments. The oceanographic device under sea water will be completely safe after a complete research on temperature and current status under the sea water. Most important equipment is current meter and it saves the device as well as entire survey unit from any short circuit chances and destruction of systems.


Features of Sonar winch

It connects the sonar based devices under sea water. As the sonar devices are used for detection of location or distance of materials under sea water by sound mechanism. The sonar winch is used for providing cable connection to such devices and also the other end of the sonar winch is connected to the computer device for graphical presentation of the report.


Need of Sonar winch for DP vessels

Throughout DP vessels and sub marines, the Sonar winches are much necessary for detection of distant materials or things. The Sonar winch is being used for connection with such devices and successfully controlled the lengthy cables that are used for survey purpose.


The offshore or seismic companies must have got idea about all marine scientific equipments for their secure survey purpose. After reading above the article, the survey team must look for the marine scientific equipments and winches in low cost rent. If any more information required, you can proceed for searching in Google search engine with appropriate keywords.


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