For the marine survey purpose, many ocean graphic instruments, launch and recovery system and scientific tools are used. Among various launch and recovery systems different winches are also involved such as CTD winch, magneto meter winch, Sonar winch, umbilical winch and many more.

Advanced Launch and Recovery system

You can have safe and secured Launch and Recovery system for your DP vessels and the marine survey will be easier. You can get the LARS on rent, if you don’t have capacity or enough budget to buy the LARS. In LARS, many things have been included such as cables, winches, lifting devices and waterproof things and light and camera under water is also required.


Crane based Launch and Recovery system

Now these days, the crane based Launch and Recovery system has been used in many DP vessels for a better and easier research and analysis service. Crane based LARS has played in fully controlling the location change and movement inside the water and the balance on the research device will be stable to furnish the research and analysis successfully.

Role of CTD winch

CTD winch plays a great role in handling thick size cables for Ethernet connection as well as power supply purpose and the collected data can be recorded in the computerized system. For all kinds of hydrographic application under sea water, the all CTD instruments are very much useful, for example- ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) can be operated well under sea water


Low cost rent on LARS (Launch and Recovery system)

If you are a regular surveyor and using the LARS on regular basis, then you can have a low cost rent on LARS according to other surveyors. Most of the offshore industries such as seismic industries or oil and gas industries and other companies conduct a regular survey under the sea water to find out the oil or gas reservoir. They also use different scientific tools or devices to measure the temperature of the environment under sea water and current flow under sea water. So it’s a bigger deal to conduct research on marine with the LARS including CTD winch and other devices.


Computerized reporting

The main thing is the recording of data on survey could be conducted well through software programs and stored in database. The same process are very much useful for oil and gas scientists and marine engineers.


Mobile maintenance supporting team

A well trained and expert team of technical assistance team of the LARS rent provider visits the place of the survey for any emergency assistance or any immediate repairing requirement. So the survey work of the clients will be going on uninterruptedly. The LARS provider has also facility of complete support of one DP vessel including crane LARS and winches for successful survey.


Hope, the above article will help out the offshore industries to find out an appropriate rent provider of LARS, CTD winch and other devices for the marine research and analysis. For more information to get discount on rent, you can search on internet.



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