For inspection of your damaged house, the inspection agency or inspector has to follow certain required methods and tools to sort out the volume of damage and exact damaged spots. Some of the popular methods are four point inspections, Infrared Testing Electrical inspection, Chinese Drywall Remediation and many more methods are being used.

According to the type of damage, the types of inspection will be decided. So the house owner can apply for recovery of insured amount from insurance company. So the role of Inspection Company is much crucial in this matter and the inspection report will be much valuable for both house owners and insurance companies. If the insurance company found any guilty in the inspection report, it may deny for acceptance and stop releasing the recovery amount.

Useful Four Point Inspection method

Throughout the four point procedure, electrical, plumbing, roof and HVAC testing will be included. So, ultimately infrared testing methods will be included in this 4 point inspection method. A complete inspection can be conducted for the damaged house through a single inspector or inspection agency.


Either one inspection specialist or a agency having 4 different specialists will be able to serve a satisfactory inspection to the owner of the damaged house. But, the house owners need to consider about various factors like their inspection charge and level of results and past works and many more things at the time of hiring any inspection company.

Tough infrared testing for electrical damage

Throughout infrared testing method overloads, Inductive heating, Loose/worsen connections, Open circuits, Harmonics, unbalanced loads, and Defective equipments like light, switch, fan and socket, etc., will be identified easily. But, the infrared tools are not that much easier to control or operate.

Electrical problems may cause a great loss to house or human life. So the infrared testing is the most valuable activity for a safety electrical system. So, with safe home, electrical system must be safe and secured, otherwise there will be a great loss to all kinds of electrical devices like HVAC, fan, light, refrigerator and many more things.

Chinese Drywall Remediation

Through Chinese drywall method, the strength and duration of the wall could be easily guessed or assumed to make a valuation of the damaged house or at the time of the subscription of insurance policy. Sometimes, the wall may be much older to claim a profitable recovery amount and the inspector should have experience and communication power to satisfy both house owner and insurance company by showing an exact report on the wall.


Hence, this Chinese drywall method is helpful for the inspector in accomplishment of inspection service and the appropriate recovery amount can be gained by the house owners. Some, older heighted commercial buildings have also same issues during any disasters and faster winds or hurricanes. So, both the residential and commercial house owners register with insurance companies for future recovery purpose.

The above article must help the house owners in finding such inspection company, who can provide all kinds of inspection service in discounted price and through one invoice.

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