For offshore survey, the seismic or any oil and gas companies would like to hire a DP vessel with all kinds of oceanographic equipments, scientific devices and many more things. If the equipments are not in order, you can hire only DP vessel with LARS from one supplier and other useful offshore equipments and scientific devices on rent from other suppliers.

Low Rented Umbilical Winch

For different ranges of winches, different rent is chargeable.

The 6- 10mT Umbilical Winch contains 4000m cable with 100/200 HPU function, Lebus shell, and hollow stub shaft, etc. It’s mainly used for control of ROV and LARS.


The 15-27mT Umbilical Winch holds around 800 HP and 4600m cable (approx). This is electrically controlled winch and DnV 2.22 with Active Heave Compensation. Hence it helps in controlling LARS Drills, film shooting Trenchers or ROV, under depth of sea water and many more. It also comes with 250 HP HPU, Lebus shell, and acme screw, etc.

Online Offshore rental equipment

Now these days, the seismic industries or surveying companies, look for cheaper and affordable devices for survey purpose. Some of the equipments are winches, acoustic release devices, under water tracking devices, current detection devices, scientific devices and many more equipments. Hence, it’s much affordable to acquire rental offshore equipment.

Instead of obtaining all equipments on rent, the surveying company can conduct an easier and affordable survey to hire the complete vessel with available of all equipments. This agreement can make the survey work affordable. According to days of need, the rent amount could be decided accordingly.

Emergency Support

In case any emergency situation created, the mobile supporting staff will be available there to provide an instant support, so that your survey work will be going on smoothly. So, the time and money of the surveying company will be saved.


The life of marine engineers will be safe and secured. They don’t have to go under the sea water to find out any issues with certain devices. The supporting staffs are much trained and experienced to handle any kind of emergency situation with any devices.

No Need To Pay For Maintenance Of The Equipments

The user or surveying companies have the rights of use only the equipments on rent basis and the maintenance or repairing work will be conducted by the suppliers or owners. Hence, no risk or expense of maintenance is required for the rented equipments and in this way, they survey company can save money. If one surveying company will purchase one DP vessel and equipments, hence additional financial burden will be increased to conduct maintenance of the DP vessel and calibration of the devices. The company has to employ personnel to control and operate the DP vessel as well as computerized systems and devices.


Throughout the above article, the survey companies or film shooting companies or any offshore companies will have a profitable idea for uninterrupted survey work. If you still have any doubts, you can either call on the customer care of such suppliers or search on Google for more details.


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